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哟~大家好!Hi everyone!

I’m open to translation requests here. I try not to take on popular stuff, since some other scanlation group can probably do a better job than I can (proper QC and editing whatnot). However, if there’s something you really want to read and it hasn’t been translated yet, and it doesn’t seem likely that it will get translated, feel free to post here. Just so you know: There’s no guarantee that I will have time to do all of them,  and I may get to them or not, and possibly in any order (Most likely easier ones first). Ero-Manga is also acceptable. Post requests in this format:

Title: (You can copy over the original title. If its part of a magazine, the magazine title is fine too.)
Author/Circle: (Tell me who it’s by, either the author or circle/group. )
Pages: (How long is it? If it‘s part of a magazine release, tell me the range xx-xx of pages, otherwise just give a page count)
Link: (Link to raw. Preferrably on exhentai. If you want to do a EN<=> CH translation, you can also give an extra link to the raw to get better quality images I guess. )
(Optional) Font Suggestions: (Link me to some downloadable fonts if you want to see them used somewhere)


页数:(告诉我有多少页需要翻译,如果是期刊的一个部分,告诉我页码范围 xx-xx)

By default I will translate to the language the request is made in (Chinese or English only), if you want to get the other language version just tell me. 默认翻译的目标语言是你提出请求用的语言(仅限中文和英语),如果你想要另一种,在后面注上就可以了。

还有,毕竟没专门学过,所以日语水平有限,自行目测在  N3 左右但是没鉴定过。词汇相比强一些,语法相比就没那么好(全凭语感)。修图水平有限+偷懒相对严重,打算收藏用的别找我。中文英语双语者,不过不建议做英翻本的汉化(因为很多东西得猜),汉化本的英翻要相对好一些的。Don’t request if you want a very high quality scanlation for a personal collection, turns out I have limited photoshop skills and I’m really lazy. You should probably pay some professionals to do that kind of work.

44 thoughts on “Requests 汉化/英翻请求

  1. Hi i’m love Your Translate Shoku Nin | Plant Ninja (2D Comic Magazine Shokubutsukan de Monzetsu Akume Saki! Vol. 2) Is Best

    I like Manga And Doujin Possession , Body Swap , Mind Control and corruption

    I Hope You Translate Taniguchi-San Manga in

    and DATE Doujin in

    I like You and Follow your Translate

  2. If you can get around to it, I’d love to see Arakure’s Tankobon get a full translation. You can find the Japanese digital version here:

    I believe the first chapter in that work has already been translated, but none of the others have seen any translations to English. Other than this, I believe there’s a large number of interesting works out of the various Comic Unreals. Such as Red Eye Syndrome from Inyoku Kansen Hen Vol. 1. Which can be found here:

    There’s of course a large number of others, that I’m sure are already on your radar to do. If you do find the time to work on these that would be great! Regardless thank you for your work in translating and editing the stuff you do put out.

    • All great suggestions 🙂 Thanks. Especially the lust infection spinoff for Comic Unreal, totally did not know this existed!

      The Unreals will be first on my list of things to get through, starting from 53 working up to the current one. Includes stuff by Taniguchi-san, Fan no Hitori and Somejima for starters.

      The tank’s going to have to wait for a bit until all the backlog of Unreals is done…

  3. hmmm, its nice knowing you’ll be working on taniguchi-san’s works since im a fan. not to mention you translated DATE’s latest work as well.
    im wondering would be working on marneko’s work as well?
    most of them are from unreal, such like: (unreal 42 pg 338-359) (unreal 45 pg 324-339, there is also taniguchi-san’s work (which i cant find its translated version anywhere) on pg 170-181) (unreal 49 pg 369-388) (unreal 51 pg 241-260, there also untranslated work of taniguchi-san as well on pg 119-140) (unreal 54 pg 357-376)
    well, thats it. good luck on your releases
    i wish i can be any help as well
    tahnk you very much

      • Thank you for translate the tamashii -INSERT- really though people will never translate it and it always a pleasure knowing someone doing this for free and taken request.

        Cause not many people have knowledge of Japanese language and Photoshop skill…

        like mine even do take degree on software development i have no idea how to use Photoshop so right now learning and hope in future i can help it

    • And, yes next up on the list will be the recent Marneko ones. We’ll probably work backwards from the latest ones back.

      • wow that was a fast reply…
        i was expecting 2-3 days XD
        really looking forward to it, and 3rd part of tamashii-insert on unreal 56 and the upcoming kawacolle 2.0 as well.
        ~(-_-~) ~( -_- )~ (~-_-)~

        • Wait there is a 3rd part of tamashii and more of kawacolle?!
          tamashii is one of my fav stuff

  4. I would really love to see this here translated (maybe only the first chapter)
    To finally know whats going on

  5. Title: [DATE] kimiha eienni utsukusii COMIC Unreal 2014-04 Vol.48
    Author/Circle: DATE
    Pages: 179-198

    hope you will translate this to english thank you

  6. latest date work is out and can i make a request on it??

    Kyou kara Shimamura-san (Raws)

    • also this two manga don`t know got translation project but it out so some time already

      [Himekuri] Kanae-chin

      [Potato Salad (Kurisu)] Popuni Kei Joshi Panic!

      • (C86) [Potato Salad (Kurisu)] Popuni Kei Joshi Panic! [English] [desudesu]

        A translation is out now. A sequal is out too, but hasn’t been translated yet.

  7. I really appreciate to see a translation of the manga “Melty Mind”. Is it possible to translate it?

    • Yep Im working on it. There’s quite some dialog and text so it’s going to take a while, but hopefully it will be done by the end of this week, depending on how fast DYNAM is with typesetting/editing.

  8. Hello!

    There is a a particular chapter from [KOJIROU!] Parallel! Recure-tan 2 that I would love to have translated. I think they have some wonderful stuff that’s left untranslated, but specifically, I really wanted the body swap/possession story translated.
    Page: 41-58


    [Senpenbankashiki (DATE)] Kyou kara Shimamura-san (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS) [Digital],still not translated yet

  10. Hey! It’s been a while. I hadn’t had much of a chance to give you guys my condolences. Aside from that, have you seen Taniguchi-san’s INSERT LEVEL 4? Judging from its last panel, it seems to be the last one, but I’m not completely sure about it.

  11. Do you mind translating the extra chapter of hyouide from taniguchis tankubon?
    I believe dynam helped with the editing for the first two, just been waiting a while for this one. Please

  12. Hi there!

    Well like the rest of the people above, I’m also a fan of taniguchi san’s work. I just read above that you are starting ” Insert Level 4 ” which is great! I’m also requesting that but since someone beat me to it, thanks a bunch for translating it.

    Btw, I think Level 5 is out. Pretty sure someone will request for it soon, hey, I’m good with level 4 first : )

  13. If possible, I would love to see this translated. I’d like an English translation. Thank you for taking the time to work on it.

    Title: Ladylike Host: Ryo/Ryoko
    Author/Circle: Natsukawa Kagari
    Pages: 23

  14. Can you pllease translate the newest chapters (Chapters 4-6) of Taniguchi-San’s Tamashii Insert Level Series to English? – Chapter 4 is in Chinese – Chapter 5 is in Chinese – Chapter 6 is in Korean
    Translate them all to English? <3


    the translated chapter already at 12 but 1 , 2 , 3 ,11 ,6 , 7 still not being translated

    can you pls help me fap to this :’)

  16. Spats;Gate
    Genocide/Hattori Gorou
    Around 140 pages(7 chapters,150 if you take Faris scenes into account)
    A link with all of them

  17. Title: Owaranai Kagai Jugyou
    Author: Keno Yantarou
    Pages: 360

  18. Title: Gifu Ochi Pet | 繼父墮落性寵物
    Author: Dynamite Moca
    Pages: 245

    If possible, I would love to see this translated. I’d like an English translation. Thank you for taking the time to work on it.

  19. Please translate
    Title – Hitozuma Osananajimi to Hitonatsu no Dekigoto DLO-07
    Tags – full color, big breasts, sex toys, cheating
    Language – Jap-Eng
    Link –
    Artists – nakajima yuka | takanami sachiko
    Groups – digital lover

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