Queue 预备队列

Here’s a list of the works currently on the queue for being translated. Higher up in the queue means it will be translated sooner. Again, there’s no guarantee of release date. This also serves as a reference to other groups so that there’s no repeated effort going around. Feel free to snatch work not on this list and in the requests area.

  • 【身体交换/Body Swap】(C84) [ジンギスカンの玉葱は俺の嫁 & 千変万化式 (DATE & 谷口さん)] トランスxチェンジ (To LOVEる -とらぶる-)【English】
  • 【意识控制/Mind Control】[らくじん]絶対陵辱アプリ(コミックアンリアル2013年06月号) 【English】

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