6 thoughts on “[Taniguchi-san] -Tamashii- INSERT LEVEL 3: Houkago Nyotai Tour (COMIC Unreal 2015-08 Vol. 56) [English] [jabbany & DYNAM]

    • Yes. g.e-h doesn’t show any recent Comic Unreal releases (since they’re on the banned list — publisher KTC)

      However, these are viewable and searchable through exh. The link is the same just swap out the domain 🙂

    • The one in Unreal 2015-10 is actually a rerun of Imouto Install (http://exhentai.org/g/706312/1f6b65b55c/) which has been translated (multiple times, lol) already.

      I might do the DATE extra to the residence series.

      • Oh whoops, I just looked through it, you’re right! My bad.

        The Date extra would be nice too if no one else picks it up. XD

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