[Taniguchi-san] -Tamashii- INSERT LEVEL 2: Shojo Dorobo | -Soul- INSERT LEVEL 2: Virginity Thief (COMIC Unreal 2015-06 Vol. 55) [English] [jabbany & DYNAM]

[谷口さん] -魂-INSERT LEVEL 2: 処女ドロボウ (コミックアンリアル 2015年6月号 Vol.55) [英訳]


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WIP Section 进行中文件夹

For those who are extra anxious and want to get the latest progress before the meat is done, we present the WIP section (/mediumrare). This section includes the latest progress in all in progress series. If something’s in staging and you feel like you can help out with editing, translation etc, feel free to comment on the WIP page. WIP section items are not considered released so please wait until we release them before distributing!